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德國頂級放鬆按摩球 BLACKROLL® Fascia Ball
8cm - BLACK12cm


  1. 非常適合對身體各個部位進行逐點自我按摩
  2. 可以在桌子上、地板上或靠牆使用
  3. 針對單點肌肉緊繃的最佳選擇
  4. 小巧輕便,可隨處攜帶





The BLACKROLL® balls, for punctual use:

  • 2 BLACKROLL® balls
  • diameter 8 cm and 12 cm
  • for pinpoint application, massage of the deeper laying muscles
  • also suitable for massaging the arms, neck and feet
  • use on a table, wall or on the floor



  • 8 cm and 12 cm
  • Random color


Made in Germany:

  • highest production quality
  • all rights reserved
  • quality management to DIN ISO 9001:2000


Green production:

  • environmentally friendly
  • energy saving production
  • 100 % recyclable 
  • free of propellant
  • free of chemicals



  • inodorous
  • water resistent
  • easy to clean
  • easy sanitizable


Training + Regeneration=Success 

Experts from sports and medicine recommend the use of BLACKROLL®.

BLACKROLL® can be used for all exercises like every other foam roller. BLACKROLL® offers you a variety of different grades of hardness. All our rolls are harder than your average foam roller to guarantee a strong and deep massage effect and fascial release. We produce all our products in Germany. The material is 100 % recyclable and free of any chemicals.


牽一髮 動全身

張力均衡 (Tensegrity) 一字由張力 (Tension) 和完整性 (Integrity) 兩字組成,意思是依靠張力來支撐的架構。以單車輪為例,只要其中一條輻條斷裂,便足以導致張力失衡,令單車無法正常輪轉。


BLACKROLL® 是一流的鬆弛肌筋膜工具,其功效顯著,獲德國AGR背脊健康協會認證,更是手法治療及職業運動治療的專業用具。由於它能令用家享受猶如「運動按摩」 (Sports Massage) 的深層鬆弛,2014年世界盃冠軍德國隊也是 BLACKROLL® 的用家。


BLACKROLL® is the ideal supplement to traditional methods of treatment, such as:

  • Physiotherapy 
  • Osteopathy
  • Massage
  • Rolfing


BLACKROLL® is the ideal tool for regeneration and self-massage to release the myofascia (connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups). BLACKROLL® helps to prevent muscle ache and improves recovery of the muscle to increase performance.


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