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Venom by Hyperice
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Venom by Hyperice

The Venom  is a cutting-edge, digitally connected, wearable device that uses heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore / stiff muscles.

  • Digital touch screen allows you (the user) to customize the temperature, vibration pattern, and time to your preference
  • Used by athletes to stay loose during a practice or game
  • Plush neoprene wrap allows you to adjust the fit to your liking
  • Nanotechnology heats the VENOM within 90 seconds
  • 4 x 1” Vibration pods featuring three different vibration settings
  • with 3 different body parts to select: Back, Shoulder, and Leg

Venom 是一種尖端的可穿戴背部裝置,充份利用熱能和振動,鬆弛和放鬆疼痛/僵硬的肌肉。

  • 數字觸屏讓您隨時根據自己的喜好自定義溫度、振動模式和時間
  • 頂尖運動員在練習或比賽中,經常使用它們以保持鬆弛
  • Plush Neoprene 材質讓你可以根據自己的喜好調整身材
  • 特殊納米技術在,讓 VENOM 可於90秒內加熱
  • 4 x 1“振動器,具有三種不同的振動設置
  • 有三個不同身體部分可供選擇:腰部、肩膊,及腿部

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