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專利振動技術/ 3段速高強度振動健身滾筒

VYPER 2.0是世界上功能最強大的下一代振動健身滾筒。 屢獲殊榮的VYPER 2.0具有3段高強度振動速度,和外層表面是由德國工程所研發的光滑且帶凹槽的設計。 VYPER 2.0可使您比其他滾筒更快,更有效地熱身,預熱,激活和恢復。 提供予世界上最好的運動員每天使用。


  • 三段振動頻率:45、68、92 HZ
  • 比起市面上其他產品,在施加體重的情況下也能保持其出色的振幅和重力(6.9、7.8和8.8 G-Force)
  • 滾筒外層:平滑和帶凹槽的特別外部設計
  • 3段高強度振動速度經由已設置的電路控制
  • 由環保物料製成的聚丙烯外殼,能有效傳遞最大的振動
  • 可充電式鋰離子電池,每次充電後可使用2個小時以上
  • 方便攜帶與旅行用,獲得TSA許可
  • 包含1年保固服務

Vibration Technology / 3 Speed High-intensity Vibrating Fitness Roller
The VYPER 2.0 is the next generation of the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller. The award-winning VYPER 2.0 features 3 speeds of high-intensity vibration and a dual-zone smooth and grooved German engineered exterior. The VYPER 2.0 allows you to warm up, activate and recover faster and more effectively than any other roller. Used daily by the world’s best athletes.

Technology Specifications and Features

  • Three Vibration frequency levels: 45, 68, 92 HZ

  • Most powerful vibrating roller on the market, maintains its superior amplitude and G-force even when body mass is applied.  (6.9, 7.8, and 8.8 G-Force)

  • Dual-zoned exterior shell: smoothed and grooved exterior design for a more customized roll

  • All digital circuitry controls 3 high-intensity vibrating speed settings

  • Eco-friendly, poly-propylene outer shell transfers maximum vibration

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge

  • Travel-friendly, TSA approved as carry-on

  • 1 year warranty included


*This product is not eligible for refund or return*
* 此產品不設退貨及退款 *