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Phits 3D-Printed Insole (Scan + Insole)

由動態電腦掃描日起,Phits 鞋墊將會立即於比利時以 3D 打印制造,需時大概三至四星期 | All Phits Insoles will be made to order from Belgium.  The lead time will be 3 to 4 weeks

Step 1: footscan® and analysis

  • After an intake interview your expert will scan and analyze your gait using the dynamic footscan® system.

Step 2: Design and 3D printing

  • Using this data, the footscan® technology will generate a design

  • This design can be adapted to your specific needs, using the advice of your expert

  • A 3D printer will then transform the design into ultralight insoles

  • Finally, the 3D printed insoles will be finished using a shock-absorbing comfort layer.

Step 3: Quality control and delivery

  • After a final quality check you are welcome to come and try on your Phits and provide your body with the perfect balance with each step.


 *This product is not eligible for refund or return*
* 此產品不設退貨及退款 *


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